HUFF cools its heels 11 AM Thursday September 2nd above the Benchlands at the tables between County Building and Encampment

Preliminary and Partial Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (9-2) Meeting:
 +++ Agenda Additions and Priorities      

+++ Street, Park, and Camp Reports Re: Discrimination, Sweep Threats, Goat Breakthroughs, etc.      

+++ Expanded Attacks on RV’s: Latest Reports

+++ Research into Ordinances Used to Harass RV’s locally

+++ Co-Ordinate Copwatch Reports to Prepare Injunctive Relief

+++ Federal Unhoused Bill of Rights

+++ Text of the Bill:      

+++ Homeless Freedom Ride Concert Yesterday and Sacramento Rally Coming Up: HUFF Response

+++ Panther Reports on the Dakota Landing Agreement Camp

+++ Little Bites off the Beast: Possible Projects?
+++ North Bay Updates:  North Bay Unhoused Movement on Facebook       +++ Latest on the Pledge to Defend the Benchlands