Sunday 8-29-21 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show airs and archives 9:30 a.m. or shortly thereafter: Posner on Bikes and the Community Credit Union Scam; Gloomy Growls from the Food Not Bombs meal; Panther Patrols the Dakota Camp; Flashback to 4-29-01

ON THE 8-30-21 SHOW:  
      +++    Correcting the “Bad Biker” Narrative with “Minimum Trust” Micah Posner
      +++    Questioning Voices from the Food Not Bombs meal: Sea Otter, Thomas, Rain, Q.Z, and Dreadeye
      +++    Panther on Problems & Prospects of the Dakota Agreement Camp
      +++    Video shows trooper pummeling Black motorist after traffic stop:

       ****   “No to Columbus Worship; Free Political Prisoners” Forum with attorney Larry Hildes, Petitioners to Dump Columbus Day, Yellow Hawk, and more       

****     Robert Waters Suffocates in a D.C. Court While Attorneys Chatter On       

****     The Supreme Court’s Atwater decision: allowing abusive arrests for “no seat belt”       

****      “Rough Rider” Richard Quigley on the “Atwater v. City of Lago Vista” Decision; the local “Take Me to a Magistrate” suspect’s rights   

****       Bathrobespierre plays Cop to Quigley’s Suspect–Role-Playing as a citizen training exercise.       

****        The City Council’s Self-Congratulatory “Rage Against Rent” Rally in the Beach Flats while the 5-2 Progressive majority on the Council did nothing about real Rent Control.

The show will be available on HUFF archives at the Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides under Lost/Latest Shows  as well as netcast at 9:30 AM or shortly thereafter. 

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