HUFF heading for the Sub Rosa Courtyard 703 Pacific 11 AM THURSDAY 4-14-22 next to the Bike Church

Street Spirits and Street Sheets available as well as coffee and the usual snacks.
Masking optional, depending on the needs and wishes of the group. Rainy weather forecast; bring warm protective clothing and/or umbrella

Concerns to Consider for this week’s (4-14-22) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting  

  Possible Agenda Items (bring your own)

      +++  More Koffee Klatch Poll Sampling results (see also )

      +++  OVO, Anti-War & CSSO Updates from 4-12 City Council meeting: Check out Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides tonight or Sunday

      +++  Disability Rights California/WRAP update on CARE Courts held last Friday

      +++  SCPD Military Equipment Presentation:  Anyone Attend?

      +++  Sausalito Homeless Activists Win Victories:
      +++  Novato Homeless Union’s Anthony Prince Demands Tenancy Status:
        +++  CARE Court Fight Documents:

      +++  WRAP’s Latest View on the “Sweep ‘Em Into Survival Camps & Shelters” State-Wide

      +++  Resuming Benchlands Organizing?    Role Playing to Fight Camping Ban Enforcement    Tabling

      +++  Reports & Contacts with 1220 River St. “Transitional Encampment”; Hell’s Trail; and Armory Area

      +++  Legal activist Steve Pleich may offer advice to those anti-homeless citations 458-6020 where folks who miss the HUFF meetings may be able to pick up Street Spirit and Street Sheet for April.

      +++  Footbridge Services activist Brent Adams provides tangible resources and info at 150 Felker  8-10 AM  5-7 PM  Daily

      +++  Peer chatter and real experience as well as free food at Food Not Bombs  Town Clock  noon-3 PM daily.

      +++  Register your opinion for issues to be raised at the forthcoming Koffee Klatch at City Hall; pick up and fill out your poll at the Food Not Bombs literature table and leave off your completed suggestions there.  Poll can also be downloaded at .