Triple Trouble Tuesday: Trio of Terrible Items Scars Council Agenda

Bad news for buskers, street vendors, and rv-dwellers hits the City Council agenda Tuesday April 12th on items 24, 30, and 31 in yet another “public not wanted” Zoomed meeting.
A “strangle the street vendors” ordinance severely limits street vending, reinstitutes the “stay in your box” space restrictions on Pacific Avenue, and awards special-interest legislation for brick-and-mortar stores and in a return to the old regime

The backward-looking City Council laid out their “undo the Martin v. Boise” decision last summer with the CSSO restored Sleeping/Camping Ban. We witnessed a back-from-the-grave RV ban previously vetoed by the whole Coastal Commission in 2016 last fall. Last month it was the street vendors turn to feel City Council’s bad-spirited backstab. as they slip past the legislature’s 2019 law temporarily cancelling the City’s repressive Downtown and Beach St. ordinances.

Now it’s the turn of anyone involved in a public protest, parade, demonstration, or regular outdoors event to face a “no more Black Lives Matter or Food Not Bombs” events decree.
With the power to permit being the power to destroy, City staff under making a thinly-disguised preemptive strike on the power of people to speak out and walk out against its gentrification agenda.
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