HUFF huddles again today Thursday (6-8-23) at the usual den: Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church Coffee & Consumables Usually Available

HUFF Prospects 6-8-23 (+ bring your own)     

  ++++  Priorities, Pass-Arounds, Placeholder Runthrough & Hand-Outs       

  ++++  Street reports; Encampment and Shelter Updates     

  ++++  San Diego Ordinance and Opposition: Comparison w/Santa Cruz 


Julie Schaul on San Diego opposing bad law. 

  ++++  San Diego opposition: 

  ++++  Missing medical and service provider opposition in Santa Cruz to anti-homeless sweeps 

  ++++  Recent flyer updates on Hiway 9 sweeps—input? 

  ++++  Final Coastal Commission Hearing for “stakeholders” June 7th  

  ++++  HIWAY 9  #2  SWEPT & DEADLINE FOR #3 MON 9 PM 6-5th  

  ++++  Upcoming Santa Cruz Shitty Council Meeting Tuesday 6-13 P & R 

  ++++  Mayor’s Invite for FRSC Interview: More HUFF Input 

  ++++  Reports: “Affordable” Housing Meetings; MHCAN; MH Advisory 

  ++++  Capitola RV tenants struggle:  today’s vote on the final ordinance & possible phone update.     

  ++++  Phone Check-in with Keith McHenry & Hiway 9ster refugees

  ++++  Legislative Updates: AB 920 (banning “homeless” discrimination) SB 31 (banning sitting, lying, or camping within 1000′ of a daycare center, library, park or school); SB 47 expanding definition of “gravely disabled’ in Lanterman Petris (LPS) Act, (easier conservatorship, forced drugging, and 5150ish powers)  

  ++++  Possible Other Encampment Reports from around the state   

  ++++   Portland cracks down: 

++++  Gilroy, CA Banning the Use of Certain Public Rights-of-Way as Sleeping or Living Accommodations     [31m into audio] 


  ++++ HUFF archive library: 

  ++++ HUFF streetshit sheet archives  

  ++++ HUFF Street Spirit article archives:  

  ++++ Media Contacts:  Serf City Times; Indy Bay; City on a Hill Press; Street Spirit changes

  ++++ Soupstock & other reports

  ++++  Checking in: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting, Board of Stupes, City’s Token Vehicular Lodging Programs.    

WANT TO CONTACT Uncertain “Service Providers” ?  

“Free” Guide Contact:  Katayun Salehi (she/her)  217-778-7764     Steve Pleich  Homeless Persons Legal Assistance Project  831-466-6078 


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