Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday June 8. 2023 show interviews Kazoo, once of Hiway 9, Lawseeker Laura, and other Pogonip refugees plus an update from downsouth from Calvin Moss & Peggy Lee Kennedy…and more

The June 8, 2023 show includes:             

+++      [throughout the show] selections from Peggy Seeger’s vinyl Familiar Faces      

+++   [6-5] Hijacking homes for Hiway 9 survival refugees: Kazoo on conditions in the Funding Matters “Paul Lee Loft” where he’s staying after the demolition of his home and property a week or more ago.
      +++   [6-5] Lawseeker Laura urges Kazoo and Derek to sue for loss of property, demand replacement of worker Jeremy Leonard whose actions allegedly facilitated the destruction of their property.
             +++      [6-5] Refugee, musician, and disabled activist Sonny Lopez on police evictions removing camper property as “debris”, losing his instruments, ID, and other vital items.
      +++   [6-4] Calvin Moss, homeless advocate and researcher, in Joshua Tree and Los Angeles on sweeps in Palm Springs, Banning & NomadLand.
             +++      [6-4] Peggy Lee Kennedy, Moss’s colleague and Venice Justice Committee activist, on L.A. City Council corruption and bigotry.             +++      [6-7] Jesse, sidewalk chess club organizer on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, on pressure against Chess Corner and other gentrification ghoulery there.