HUFF in Trumpland–meet and rage 11 AM today 11-9 Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific

HUFFsters battered and bruised by electoral hysteria will stare at each other and then press on at the usual mid-morning to early afternoon meeting.  Up for discussion and prep are

  • tomorrow’s Cop Corner protest on SCPD profiling, surveillance, and lack of accountability as well as their secrecy in withholding the audio and video of the Sean Arlt shooting.
  • discussion of future actions opposing police/ranger/First Alarm sweeps of sleepers and sitters around the library
  • winter shelter woes and the PR shell game being played
  • updates on the Cooper trial and Andy C. expose of the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center
  • latest on public records about tenant complaints and city response
  • Coastal Commission update on the County’s RV law