HUFF meets today as ever with coffee and munchies at the Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific Across from the Bike Church 1-29

HUFF Proposals for 1-29-20

Announcements    Norse Updates (Clippings, Iran)

Street and Camp Reports  Council Review


***Wed Afternoon Forums at the RCNV

*** Following up on SCPD Demands –Vehicle Ticketing, Storage Pick-Up’s, Kevin Visit

*** Contact List Follow-Up—Camps, Occupations, Protests

*** Direct Contacts & Reports from Individual Survival Camps & Refugees

*** Recall Resistance & Voter Registration

*** Flyer on “Fight Your Vehicular Ticket”

*** Vigil Against Two Wars Downtown


*** Coffee Canopy at Manager’s Office w/ Petitioning: Follow the Gov’s “Designate Open Areas” & the Camp Phoenix 2 Proposal

*** Wait-In at  P & R Offices (Bring Your Own Chairs) to get Eliot to stop ‘Stay-Away” Harassment

*** City Council Offices Gathering to Petition for Emergency Action on Emergency Winter Shelter

*** Forums ON Encampment Strategies in Different Cities, Role-Playing ,Prep for Campground


*** Public Records Posting and Summaries on-Line: organizing the google site.

***Recent Requests for (a) all citations city-wide for alt-camp citations for blocking the sidewalk, being in a closed area, park after dark, public nuisance, illegal lodging, etc. for the last year; and

(b) all Pacific Avenue citations for the last six months

*** Appealing the 5-Year Main Beach Curfew


Contact Robert at 423-4833 to help with Public Records Analysis or Expanding Contact Lists

Attend Public Meetings of Public Officials with Signs & Loud Questions: WHERE’S WINTER SHELTER?


Wed Jan 29 4:30 PM-6 PM Forum on Resisting Chief Mills Anti-Homeless Laws 612 Ocean

Wed, Jan 29 6 PM  CACH’s Safe Sleeping Committee Vets Hall

Thur  Jan 31 Last Day to Submit Staff Reports to Mayor Cummings for Next Council

Sun Feb 2 5-6 PM  SC Homeless Union Weekly Meeting at the FNB Meal

Norse Netcasts Thur 6-8 PM, Sun 9:30 AM- 3 PM :,

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