HUFF meets today, likely indoors, at Sub Rosa to brood on Election Debacle and Benchlands Wasteland 10:45 AM for about 2 hours 11-10-22

HUFF Agenda Prospects11-10-22

 ++++  Long-time Laura’s discussion group following the HUFF meeting to relax, debrief, exchange info, discuss stuff from the end of the HUFF meeting—Meeting begins 12:30 p.m. or whenever HUFF ends. 

 ++++  Time keeper; Pass-arounds aplenty; street reports   

 ++++   Election Results; HUFF response; Visiting Ratner or the new Mayor 

  ++++  Graduate Student Strike Update 

  ++++  Shelter shuffling—reports  Watcher wanted! 

  ++++  Organizing against Future Demolition: maintaining contact with Benchlands refugees and the many others outside: Callers wanted!  

  ++++   Lawsuit prospects: making use of Benchlands and Union sign-up’s. 

   ++++  HUFF at UCSC organizing—possible report from the video journalists 

   ++++  Strategies for Fighting Likely Future Post-Benchland Demolitions (Loudmouth Tactics, Self-Starter Legal Options, Contact & Follow-Up, Community Support Gathering, Narrative Corrections Publicly); Laura’s Meeting 

   ++++  Shitty Council Meeting Next Tuesday 11-15 

   ++++  Monitoring Homeless Violence but no Posting Board at FNB: Volunteer? 

    ++++  Felton Follies against the groundsleepers; service cutbacks there—a report 

   ++++  City Mangler’s Quarterly Report (from 10-25 Council Meeting) 

Part 1: (58 minutes in) 

Part 2: (30 minutes in)  

   ++++  RV crackdown on Delaware Ave? 

   ++++  Reports on  new Overlook RV Camp:   Watcher?  

   ++++  Bay Area Stories:   

Oakland Encampment Sweep Policy:  

   ++++  Berkeley RV Success: “Berkeley vehicle dwellers win settlement in court” by Berkeley Copwatch in Street Spirit November 2022 p. 3. 

    ++++  Possible Mad Power Committee Report (if any): Report that 5150’s now go directly to Dominican: Conservatorship C.A.R.E. courts, out-of-county deportation, inadequate Reiss protections; Carvalho update, reports on recent 5150’s   Volunteers?  

    ++++  Homeless Expenditure Data Cruncher Wanted 

              November issues of Street Spirit and Street Sheet are available at the UN Association at 903 Pacific well as at the Sub Rosa Cafe next to the Bike Church or by contacting HUFF at 831-423-4833.  The main branch of the Public Library contains the current November issue and back issues.  Last month’s edition and back issues are also available for viewing at   The editor is interested in local homeless stories by or about local folks—homeless or housed.   Contact Bathrobespierre at HUFF.