Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 11-6-22 streams at 9:30 AM-5 PM and will archive at at 9:30 AM Survivors of Benchlands and of the Shelters; Flashbacks: UCSC’s 2005 Tent University; April 21 & 24th Shows

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On today’s 11-6-22 show:

  • 10-16: Jimmy “Two Guns” aka James Michael Gonzalez on
  • “Johnny Lunchbucket” denounces Benchlands residents and calls for stern authoritarian measures against Meth
  • Gregory Lee Smith—long-time Benchlands resident says “clean them out”, Leonard offered no alternatives
  • Seymour Slabb, 35-year Santa Cruz guitarist; Joe declaring Keith M. the defacto mayor; Mark Stefani
  • 11-5: “Touch of Tomorrow” Thomas on Fresno activism and shelter versus Santa Cruz Housing Matters alternative
  • “Just Watchin'” George on rental changes and rats-on-the-run

On the 4-21-05 FLASHBACK show:

  • 4-18:  Before the police assault on lockdown students:
  • Ben More’s NBC-11 interview with a Tent U activist.
  • Julia’s reports on UCSC bureaucrats Jean Ray Scott and Gale Heiss
  • Homeless students living on campus: Molly, Woodsie, and Chel comment
  • Police assault: Eric Robson on xxx; Body Marks, Film Student, films and reports.
  • Tony Pollay on police attack on one man; video journalist hassled; Joaquin on the arrests
  • Students lockdown; police use pain compliance holds
  • Felton Medical Marijuana provider Roger Mentch on his conviction for supplying medicine.
  • Phone calls from Dangerous John T. on Tent U status; Andrea on Mentch support; Anita Henri on controversial history of medical marijuana in S.C.
  • Becky J.’s attempted interview of UCSC Police boss Mickey Aluffi; Bob Lamonica’s caustic critic of Tent U

On the 4-24-05 FLASHBACK show:

  • 4-18: Continued police attack on the Tent U assembly
  • 4-18: Amanda, Sasha, Eric, Becky J., Kathy S., Linda L. & others on police encounters
  • 4-18: Amanda Blackley who wouldn’t leave
  • 4-14: Santa Cruz Mayor Mike Rotkin defends the Sleeping Ban & SCPD actions at Tent U.
  • Phone reactions from Walt, and Bob L.
  • 4-21: Downtown dialogue with drummers & more
  • Will Parish and Brigitara Issis of the Coalition of University Employees
  • Leelah calls in from the Psych Ward
  • Attorney Paul Sanford on John Maurer’s “Fuck the Pigs” sign in his cap