HUFF meets Today Thursday 3-25-25 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church Fighting TOLO and the TOLO Mentality

Agenda Prospects  for Today’s Meeting
       +++ New Protest Prospects–More TentTabling Against TOLO (Temporary Outdoor Living Ordinance) on Pacific Avenue?

      +++ A Standfast Sunday in San Lorenzo–Activist General Meeting 3-28 at 5:00 PM to Get Unhoused Input

      +++ Approaching Another Court Hearing on San Lorenzo–Further Work Towards a Flyer on Ground Sleeper Strategies

      +++ Further Work on Using the Coastal Commission Rules to Resist RV Repression

      +++ Latest Shitty Council and StupidViper Updates–if anyone sat through the Ordeal

      +++ A Journey into the Word Jungle–Tromping Through the Text of the TOLO if requested

      +++ Getting Public Records on the Cops for 2020–Details Amidst the Debris

      +++ Possibilities: Phone Updates from Pajaro River, Marysville and Salinas

      +++ Back on Board: the HUFF website– Catch the Latest Interviews Again at /

Come Prepared for Variable Weather!  Complementary Beverages

Out-of-town activists take note:  This is an in-person meeting not a zoom-meet.  For those unable to attend, go to 6 PM tonight (3-25) or check out the HUFF archives thereafter at  for a possible summary.