Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 3-25-21 show netcasts 6 PM at Interviews with Gilroy’s Jan of Pit Stop Outreach, Marin County Homeless Union Robbie in Sausalito, Keith McHenry’s update on the San Lorenzo Injunction, & More!

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ON THE 3-25 SHOW :

xxx Jan of Pit Stop Outreach on the “no shelter” sweep of a Gilroy encampment

xxx Robbie P. of Sausalito on the attack against poor folks living on their boats as anchor-outs.

xxx Keith on spreading sweeps of those surviving outside and an update on the upcoming “compromise” for the San Lorenzo Park homeless

xxx Interviews from the TentTable on Pacific Avenue:  David, Ashley, Jeremy, Felix and more

xxx “Time will Tell” Thomas on Less Comfortable Lodgings at the 115 Coral St. Complex

xxx  A Preview of Passion–a Snatch of the 1st SC Homeless Union meeting in a year (more on Sunday’s show)