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xxx (3-7 Sentinel)  Fresno “I Can’t Breathe” Death of Joseph Perez; Land Seized in 1924 from Willa & Charles Bruce from land they owned in L.A. may be returned to their descendants; Portland cops blame “Defund Police” calls for murders.

xxx Phone Interview with Santa Barbara attorney Joe Dohorty, part of a consortium of attorneys researching an Injunction against the recent Pershing Park sweep there.

xxx  (3-20 Chronicle)  Richmond NIMBY’s Defeat “Safe Parking” Program

xxx  Letter Yes, Lawsuit Perhaps, Ground Resistance Not Yet: Santa Barbara Lawyers and Advocates Present Sharp Note to City Council Bemoaning Their Policies

xxx  Another Empty-of-Justice Santa Cruz City Council Meeting on 3-23

xxx  Food Not Bombs Fondu on the 365th Day of the COVID Survival Station: Merryweather Mike’s Meanderings; Jitterfree Jim A Year in Housing; Savanna the Soupserver’s First Impressions; Ariel Boon, KPFA Reporter, on groundsleeping life in Oakland and Berkeley

xxx  (3-5 Chronicle) Reporter Sara Bell Lynn finally sues for last May’s police rubber bullet attack;  Rioting charges reinstated in 2017 Rundo case against rightist activists; Texas cop Brian Miser charged with two killings 4-year old killings 1 1/2 years after his part revealed; Capital cops request National Guard maintain Martial Law presence in Washington; S.F.’s $61,000/tent/year program going on for 300 since last spring.

xxx  3-18 Gilroy report from “Whip ’em into Shape” Wes White; Jan Chargin of Pit Stop Outreach gives background; Resident Mike on Life in the Encampment.

xxx  3-14 Santa Cruz Fulltimer RV Mom-and-Activist Julie Schaul reports on police incident at the Gateway Shopping Center and RV Life in Santa Cruz

xxx  Earlier Update (3-8) from “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry.

FLASHBACK to August 14, 1995 (partial)
xxx  Co-Host “Judgment Day” John Stuart, Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcaster,  of Madhouse Exit provides animated commentary and information throughout on Santa Cruz’s Mental Illness industry.

xxx  “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster on the plight of minors under the Mental Illness system.

xxx  Stuart on What to do when a “mental” Crisis strikes

xxx  “Full-Heart” Phil Free, mall musician, on Cop Harassment downtown for “bad songs”,  the jailing of “Skidmark” Bob Duran, and other updates from that summer.

xxx   Heated exchange between Vinnie “V-Man” Lombardo aka Rex and John Stewart on “mental illness” as a designation and bringing the discussion home to Santa Cruz.

xxx  “Red-top” Robert Flory reports on the Rainbow Gathering

xxx  Flory and Danielle on S.C. Needle Exchange

xxx  Stuart calls in on “Dead-Eye” Dennis, the Psychiatric Mall Walker, as Psychiatric Warehousing: Lemaster calls in to defend Dennis.

To hear the rest of the full Flashback go to , click on 1995, then go to August 14,1995, parts 4 and 5).
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