HUFF meets tomorrow (Thursday 9-29) Sub Rosa 10:45 AM; 4th Benchlands Homeless Removal Deadline noon Wednesday 10-5; Resistance meeting TBA

Likely to be Discussed:

   ++++  BRAINSTORMING BENCHLANDS BLATHER: General strategems for the coming sweeps in and outside the Benchlands

   ++++  Last Tuesday’s Shitty Council Update—if anyone attended.

    ++++  Tactics for Fighting Blueshit Bullying: Practice Makes Perfect
   ++++  Chances for a Pro Per Lawsuit (one filed by residents without an attorney)             

++++  RV News from Mountain View: 

   ++++  Eyes to check out Santa Cruz new Outlook RV Camp:

   ++++  Oakland’s Wood Street (Cob-on-Wood) being dismantled:

   ++++  Footbridge Services Announced Closing: Implications 

   ++++  Serf City Times: Check It Out for Surprisingly Positive Homeless content:

   ++++  Possible Reports from Sausalito, Sacramento, and elsewhere

   ++++  Mad Power Committee Report (if any)Conservatorship threats, out-of-county deportation, Reiss protections; Carvalho update, Prepping for the C.A.R.E. courts and the current crushing of crazies.

    ++++  Keep Tabs on the Nastier NIMBYs:  

              October issues of Street Spirit and Street Sheet are NOT YET available, but are likely to be at the next HUFF meeting early in October at the Sub Rosa Cafe and at the UN Association at 903 Pacific Ave.