Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 9-25-22 streams at and will archive shortly after at 9:30 AM-3 PM Support Benchlands Resistance against “Phase Three” Removal 7 a.m.-noon Tuesday 9-27; Flashback to Jan. 22, 2006

To join, support, or witness the Resistance to the elimination of a functioning community check in at Food Not Bombs meals or go directly to the Benchlands.  You may also get more info through the Union of the Homeless at 831-431-7766.   The deadline for the latest (Phase 3] eviction is Tuesday noon.  Some supporters plan to camp overnight starting 7 pm at the bottom of the 2nd stairway (along the trail from Water St.) on Monday 9-26; or show up Tuesday 9-27 in the morning for solidarity with evicted “no place to go” survival campers. Bring friends, photo equipment, and vehicles if you have them to help those who wish to move, and support those who plan to stay.

A description of the current show will follow later today at  The 2006 Flashback is described at and scroll to Sunday, January 22, 2006.

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TODAY’S SHOW  Caitlin JohnstoneFacing Phase 3 of the City’s “Demolish under Cover of Sheltering” plan—report from Ryan Haney

FLASHBACK to January 22, 2006:

  • SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression) street interviews [SI] by Coral Brune
  • Congressional candidate and homeless militant Chris Brozda calls in
  • Raven in Berkeley gives update on People’s Park
  • Upcoming City Council agenda alert by Norse
  • January 10th Oral Communications speakers at Council on “Spygate”, SCPD’s surveillance and infiltration of “Last Night-DIY”, the peaceful New Year’s celebration: Sherry Conable, Ruth Gordon, Sheila Coonerty, Anthony Cuchedr, Chris Krohn, Celia Scott, Sandino Gomez, Rico Thunder, John Thielking, Grant Wilson and others
  • Thunder cut off by Mayor “Two Minutes” Mathews
  • Skidmark Bob calls in on the history of police surveillance and how to track it.
  • More call-ins and further Oral Communication from Joe Schultz, and Lydia Blanchard
  • Andrea Tishler, of the SC Citizens for Sensible Marijuana Policy announces finalization of the proposed city marijuana “tax and regulate” initiative, now gone to the city attorney
  • Reviewing the 1979 Berkeley Marijuana Legalization Ordinance
  • Coral Brune interviews Monkey, Ron, and Breakfast on police surveillance of Last Night

BENCHLANDS RESISTANCE sponsered by SANTA CRUZ HOMELESS UNION, FOOD NOT BOMBS  [FNB] , and HUFF  will meet again at a time and place TBA.  Contact FNB [575-770-3377] or the Union or go to the Benchlands Resistance Bace Camp Monday night or Tuesday morning for more info.