HUFF prepares for Protest Against Police Cover-Up 11 AM-1 PM Sub Rosa 703 Pacific Wednesday 12-17

HUFF looks for clearer skies tomorrow after its meeting when we assemble at the police station at 2 PM  on Cop Corner for some flyering, feeding, fasttalking for passing pedestrians and vehicles.  Then closer to Copland for a Speak-Out, perhaps a Shriek-Out against police violence.

The HUFF meeting at 11 AM  will consider the latest police non-response to Public Records Actg requests for police use of force (tasers, batons, pain-compliance holds, choke-holds, bullets, etc.).  We will discuss a response to the upcoming Homeless (Lack of) Services Center Homeless Death Memorial (reportedly Thursday), consider emergency responses to the unmet Warming Center crisis, take Street Reports, and attempt to link up with protesters across the state and country who are addressing police violence against the unhoused communities.

Come, have fun, discuss what might work, then do it!