HUFF resumes its puffery Thursday March 30th 10:45 a.m. at the Sub Rosa Cafe next to the Bike Church at 703 Pacific

Back again with carrots, cookies, and caustic confusion.  Bundle up, bring friends.

HUFF Meeting Prospects 3-30-23  

  ++++  Priorities, Pass-Arounds, Placeholder Runthrough & Hand-Outs   

  ++++  Street reports; Police Bullying & Ticketing  

  ++++   3-28 City Council Review: Check out (towards the end of the file) and (at the beginning of the file).

  ++++   Capitola landlord cracks down on Mobile Home owner/tenants.

  ++++   3-30 Sheriff’s Office 5200 Soquel Ave  6-7:30 PM  “A Community Discussion Concerning Safety in Santa Cruz” with Mayor “Fast Lane” Fred Keeley; Top Cop “Bust the Breadgivers” Bernie Escalante, “Friendly Fascism” Phil Kramer of Housing Smatters & other “Hide the Hungry” Povertycrats 

  ++++   April 1st Protest of Fools—the Housing Smatters March 10 AM 4-1 from Cathcart and Cedar; Food Not Bombs banners

  ++++   Reggie Meisler—Call and Update: Victory at City Council Tuesday; Next Steps in Vehicular Homes Rights Struggle; Westcliff Sign Removal?

  ++++   Alicia Kuhl’s Press Conference Proposal and Call on the Vehicular Homes Struggle

  ++++   Legislative updates on AB 920 (prohibiting discrimination based on housing status); SB 31 making it illegal to sit, lie, or camp within 1000′ 0f a daycare center, library, park or school; SB 47 expanding definition of “gravely disabled’ in Lanterman Petris (LPS) Act, making it easier to enforce involuntary and forced drugging and other “treatments”.

  ++++   Weather Damage and Shelter ShutOut of Last Weeks and the next Weeks

  ++++  RV Victory: the Removal of Signs in the Coastal Zone: What Next?  Meisler at City Council;  Parking Authority on the Run?

  ++++  Weekly Thursday War supporting U.S. Arms and Cash to Ukraine Town Clock 3-28 4 PM

  ++++  Homeless Union Hibernation– Bagels and Badinage at 4 p.m.. Wednesday, 612 Ocean  3-22. 

  ++++  The disappearing Petition to restore Portapotty & Hand washing stations in dispersed survival camps; Ratner/Huffaker Visit.  Follow-Up? 

  ++++  Organizing to push Martin v. Boise pro per lawsuit activity using Robbie Powelson’s paper trail \

  ++++  Meisler Interview on Today’s Free Radio Net Show and Archive 6 PM and after at

  ++++  Placeholder Reminders: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting, Board of Stupes, City’s Token Vehicular Lodging Programs…
A Reminder:  Food Not Bombs is now serving only on the weekends noon-3 PM;  St. Francis may not yet be providing weekday indoor meals, only handing out meager bag lunches.
The City has still not released Public Records documenting its attack on Food Not Bombs food servers on March 10th at City Hall. 
No meaningful downtown walk-in shelter is available downtown during the day regardless of life-threatening weather.   Harassment of survival sleepers in public parking lots and garages continues.
City of Santa Cruz – 831-420-5010   Mayor Fred Keeley  –  City Manager Matt Huffaker – Police Chief  Bernie Escalante –

If anyone is interested in working on HUFF projects around local treatment of the “mentally ill”, recent arrests and tickets for unhoused 

folks in public places,, organizing for legal or direct action protest against the exclusion of those outside from protective buildings 

during storms or any other items on recent HUFF agendas, please contact me at 831-423-4833.