Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 26, 2023 show features the McHenry report from Food Not Bombs, a Podcast interview with psychiatric journalist Robert Whitaker, and a fun Flashback to October 21, 2010 Not netcast, but archived

On the 3-26-2023 Show:

  • Throughout the show: selections from Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl’s Kilroy was Here 
  • Food Not Bombs [FNB] activist McHenry notes FNB’s dropping back to weekends only in its Town Clock feedings and his anticipation of a ramped-up war on the poor outside.
  • Town Clock Check-In: An anonymous vet & Dread-Eye on humiliating police targeting
  • “Dawn-to-Dusk” Drew on the FNB shift from weekday to weekend meals—and no reports of a crackdown.
  • “Hard Road” Helga on continuing bad news from those outside up in Felton
  • Miles, a recently returned to Santa Cruz, and the unnecessarily hard times created for those outside by authorities here and elsewhere
  • 3-28 Council Analysis of upcoming S.C. Shitty Council Agenda:  Items 14, 17, 25, 27 (Letter Supporting Increasing Conservatorship Powers, Downtown Library “Housing” Giveaway; Massive Expansion of Military Equipment Purchase Authority; Parking Space Excluding “Oversized” RVs) 
  • Russell Brand and Glen Greenwald on Mainstream Media Censorship:
  • “Bad Brain Chemistry” is not the cause of “mental illness”: 

The October 14, 2010 Flashback includes:

  •  [throughout: selections from Peggy Seeger’s topical songs from 80’s England & the vinyl Kilroy Was Here]
  •  Co-Host “Stick-it-to-’em” Steve Pleich co-hosting. Pleich reports on Homeless [Lack of] Service Center gala earlier and his plans to shmooze with City Attorney Barisone on the “receipts and no tickets if you’re on the HSC waiting list for a bed on a night when there’s no shelter” in the wake of the new MC 6.36.056…… 
  • Battleready Bob Patton of the Human Rights Organization  and United Veterans Council activist on endless struggle to reopen and reclaim control of the Vets Hall.