HUFF returns to the Sub Rosa for its Thursday 10:45 AM – 1 PM (or later) meeting at the Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church

Coffee, cookies, carrots, and cantankerous conversation following up on the Mountain Community Resource protests and Santa Cruz’s failure to open Winter Shelter consistently and regularly.

HUFF Meeting Agenda Prospects 1-26-23    

  ++++  Street reports 

  ++++  Mountain Resource Center Protest Follow-Up  

  ++++  Helga’s Follow-Up with Felton Outside Folks 

  ++++  Flash or Planned Protest at MCRC or Community Bridges 

  ++++  Sham Shelter Shenangans: New Stats—City & County?  

  ++++  Winter Shelter in Santa Cruz Protest Action 

  ++++  Drenching the Disabled—Parking Lots Punishments? 

  ++++  Shitty Council & Bored of Stupidvipers Meetings 

  ++++  Updates for SB31;  

  ++++  Injunction Prep; Ratner/Mangler Protest Prep 

  ++++  Tabling & Follow-Up  at Clock, Pogonip, Levee  for Lawsuit Prep Pressure and Survival Encampment Network 

  ++++   Placeholders: Tickets, Free Guide, OVO, Mad Power