Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netstreams and archives today (Thursday January 26, 2023) with a Flashback show to October 21, 1999

The January 26 show is a Flashback  to the October 21, 1999 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show.  It includes:

  • Jeff, a White Separatist, gets grilled by pro-Mumia- abu- Jamal activists.
  • Aaron Birsch, convicted of assaulting the homeless Joe Barker, discusses his trial and the underlying charge. [Part 2 of an interview that began with the October 14, 1999 show]
  • Skidmark Bob on his encounter with the Birsch anti-Mumia group and the background of the SC-5 trial, arrested in the Kosovo anti-war protest
  • Vinnie Lombardo, aka the V man, a FRSC reporter and broadcaster, on his upcoming court hearing in the SC-5 case.
  • [Oct 10, 1999] Homeless squeegee woman “Patches” describes Bad Times at Dominican Hospital.
  • Rev. John Phillips of the Rainbow Cross Walk, going from S.C. to S.F.
  • Becky Johnson on Sgt. “Sticky Fingers” Butchie Baker’s failure to find anti-homeless assailants.
  • “City’s Take Hard Line on Homeless” by Blair Anthony Robinson and Mathew Barrows
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