HUFF talks about issues 1:30 PM to 4 PM (come early, we may leave early) February 15 Thursday at the Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific (next to the Bike Church)

HUFF Agenda Prospects 2-15-24      

  ++++   Additions, Announcements. Passarounds, Hand-Outs

  ++++   Information gathering and sharing: any focus for action.? 

  ++++  Major choice of focus in the meeting.  Proposed prep or actions.

  ++++  Followed by short briefings on other agenda items, time allowing

  ++++  Timekeeper (10 minutes per item)  Hand-raisin’ rules

  ++++  Hand-outs: TBA HUFF Notes & Announcements:TBA   

  ++++  Possibilities:  Tier 2 Investigation; Tent Seizure Accounts; Property Reclaiming; Armory/Coral St. improvements; bathroom expansion; potable water; UCSC campus recruitment; street newsletter; poverty services connections; Prop 1 & Local Petitioning  other suggestions?

  ++++  Street reports; As ever…Beach, Parking Lots, Pogonip, Library, Levee  

  ++++Latest S.C. City Council and Supes meeting reports—if anyone went.

  ++++  Camp Removal Resistance Prep:  Contact Group Expansion

  ++++  UCSC Update  HUFF recruitment flyer

  ++++  Monday Sacramento protest cancelled for rain

  ++++  Evolving Door protests: update if any

   ++++  Last Day to Register to Vote: February 20, 2024

  ++++  Court Reports from anyone so involved

  ++++  Protest Targets for Winter Shelter/Stop the Sweeps/Raids: City Mangler’s office…Police Station…Coastal Commission…Demands?  

  ++++  Showers coming up Saturday the 17th through Wednesday the 21st

  ++++  Possible phone contacts: Wes, Des of Fresno

  ++++  Unverified: new SC Free Guides for San Lorenzo Valley

  ++++  Pro-Palestinian-Homeless Alliance for next protest; contact?

  ++++  Key Legal Case:

   ++++ Placeholder runthrough—study groups:  student anti-war contacts, Darius rental, Psych rights subcommittee; ticket documenting/public records act request filing  

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