Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday February 11, 2024 show has Helga, Kazoo, Woodleaf, Cooper, Drew, and more and a Flashback to January 29, 2017 with Nate Kennedy, Carol Denney, Pat Colby, Dan McMullen & more + Freedom SleepOut #81

The Sunday February 11,2024 show includes:

The Flashback to January 29, 2017 includes:

  • Studio guest: origami cranescrafter Nate Kennedy—suggestions to City Council
  • “Battling Bob Lamonica vs. Bathrobespierre Robert on Councilmember Gone Lame (Don Lane) and his sorry record
  • Jah, prolific street Jeweler, on recent tickets from Park Rangers; “Pushback” Pat Colby on homeless runoff from outside the library, even during open hours.
  • “Still standing” Abbi Samuels and “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry on Food Not Bombs’s recent detente with a critic
  • “Blue: calls for cameras and witnesses for Freedom Sleepout #81
  • “Restless” Richard Lopez on local police state action around the downtown
  • Berkeley’s “Downhome” Dan MacMullan on the future of People’s Park
  • “Cornerstone” Carol Denney savages Berkeley City Council sell-outs
  • “The Sane Progressive” indicts DemParty symp Michael Moore for implicitly endorsing Bush-Obama warcrimes.