HUFFsters will hide out from the heat and try to generate some cool plans of their own: 10:45 a.m. 8-17 Thursday at 703 Pacific Next to the Bike Church

HUFF Agenda Prospects 8-17-23    

  ++++  Priorities, Placeholder Run-through & Hand-Outs      

  ++++  Passarounds: Street Sheet on COH v. SF lawsuits; OVO Law, Camping/Resting Ban;  Public Record 2018-9 Infractions, Marin Lawsuit 

  ++++  Handouts:  tba   

  ++++  Public Record 2018-9 Infractions: 

  ++++  As ever…Street reports; Sweeps on Beach & elsewhere: Demo?   

  ++++  NextStupes and Shitty Council Meetings 

  ++++  Vouchers for RV immunity.. Tier 3  More info?  

  ++++  Upcoming Mental Health Advis Board: Aug 17 3-5 PM  Emeline 

  ++++  Street Sheet availability:  Drew of Food Not Bombs on Sat and Sunday; paper racks near UN Assoc 903 Pacific; public library perhaps, next week new issue  

  ++++  COH vs. SFPD stopping tows for parking tickets; resolution of support  

  ++++  Public Records Updates:  Homeless 2019 Targeting, RV citations 

  ++++  Camping/Sleeping Ban  (MC 6.36)!/SantaCruz06/SantaCruz0636.html#6.36  

  ++++  Oversized Vehicle Ordinance (OVO MC 10.40.120):!/SantaCruz10/SantaCruz1040.html#10.40.120   

  ++++  Anti-war Protest Update from Hiroshima Sunday August 6th :  (80 minutes into the audio file)  

  ++++  Mayor grilling—Additional Updates: No word from Keeley yet.  

  ++++  FRSC latest show archives now accessible for latest shows 

  ++++  Sleeping Ban/OVO Law Flyers:  Help Still Wanted  

  ++++  COH Lawsuit Enforcement Update: + Verner-Crist’s letter  

  ++++  Legislative Updates: AB 1082 Slowing down tows; XXX CareCourt Crap; AB 920 (banning “homeless” discrimination) SB 31 (banning sitting, lying, or camping within 1000′ of a daycare center, library, park or school); SB 47 expanding definition of “gravely disabled’ in Lanterman Petris (LPS) Act, (easier conservatorship, forced drugging, & 5150 powers); SB 326 (shifting housing to drug funding)    

 ++++  HUFF Indybay Story archive library:          ,  

 ++++ HUFF Streetshit sheet archives:

 ++++ HUFF Street Spirit archives (also at the library):

++++  Checking in: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting, Board of Stupes,    


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