Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday August 13, 2023 show features More Sweeps Updates and Critiques from “Cage Me Not” Cooper and Clock Talk from Dread Eye, the Anonymous eye, Drew, Gary Thorne, Zachary Booth, Roxroy, & Mike Quinn +7-10-05 Flashback

The August 13, 2023 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show includes:

  • “Cage Me Not” Cooper on continued police sweeps against her and others; Dreadeye comments
  • Anonymous informant claims staff discrimination at Greybear’s, but praises some of their services (low prices)
  • Gary Morrow Thorne’s Tale
  • Drew and Zachary Booth on Booth’s police stop for asking to wash car windows at Water St. next to the Town Clock
  • Roxroy, Best Boy on his successful shelter quest
  • Mike Quinn, curbside artist, sounds off
  • Hiroshima Day “U.S./NATO Out of Ukraine” protest at Town Clock–Speedy-Tongued Steve Pleich on limited antiwar protest recently
  • Woolly Robert Woodleaf on recent sweeps; hotel evictees returning to Armory
  • Organizer Keith McHenry & others denounce the Ukraine war and the threat of nuclear war
  • Chat with Rowen, organizer of past anti-Ukraine war rallies here
  • Code Pink speaker who went to Vienna International Peace Conference Calling for Ukraine Ceasefire details history

The Flashback to July 10, 2005 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show features:

SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom & Expression)‘s 74th sidewalk singalong and soup-it-up festivities with reports from Hawk, “Crazy” Mary, Jeremy, Micah Posner, Drummer Bob, and others.

HRO (Human Rights Organization)’s Battleready Bob Patton & Bashful Bernard Klitzner spearhead a public dialogue with Councilmember Tony Madrigal, seeking concrete action on the City’s anti-homeless Sleeping Ban, where he backs away. 

Francis, Felipe, and Paul Marcelin Sampson respond to Madrigal’s evasions

SAFEsters sing “Downtown” with Homeless lyrics

Principled pot-ster Pebbles Trippet calls in from Ukiah on the new Attorney General

Bard Dennis Holt on abusive problems with the SCPD

Becky Johnson replies to Free Radio Santa Cruz exclusion and Santa Cruz Indymedia censorship raised in detail at