In sun or shade, it’s HUFF time 10:45 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard Thursday 8-25-2022 next to the Bike Church. Consume coffee and chatter

Concerns to Consider for this week’s (8-25-22) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting       

Possible Agenda Items (bring your own)     

      +++  Pass-Arounds:  TBA 

      +++  Announcements: Mime Troupe, Empty House Tax Rally,  Benchlands Meeting (see lower on agenda) 

      +++  Old Business,   

      +++  Street Reports        

      +++  People’s Park Update:  Keep posted at  .   

      +++  Report from FNB/Union Monday meeting 8-22  at RCNV and next week’s upcoming one at 8-29. 

      +++  Curbhugger Chris/Commander X’s Video of 8-22 Benchlands Resistance Meeting: 

      +++  Fences Around the Duck Pond and Upper San Lorenzo; Benchlands Resistance Update 

      +++  Brainstorming to stop Huffaker’s “Phased” Evictions:   Role Playing, Documenting, & Solidarity Phoning to Fight CSSO Enforcement 

      +++  Upcoming Political Palaver and Soapboxing opportunity: Democratic Women’s Club 10 AM meeting Saturday 8-27 SCPD Bldg. 

      +++  Mingle with the Liberals: Tabbycat Yes on N Canvassing 5:30 PM Sunday 8-28 1101 Cedar St. 

      +++  Missed the 8-23 Shitty Council meeting?   Check in on critical and caustic commentary on the 8-25 FRSC discussion at      

      +++  Still searching Document Deciphering–100 Documents from the Local Coastal Commission: Help!  

      +++  McHenry’s Merry Madness–Possible Phone Update 

      +++  Homeless Point-in-Time Count–Parsing the Propaganda, Perhaps 

      +++  CARE court crapola: Fighting SB1338 at 

      +++  Mad Power Committee Report (if any) Conservatorship threats, out-of-county deportation, Reiss protections; Carvalho update. 

        +++  Privilege, Paranoia, Prejudice, and even Info: 

        +++  Julie’s Justice: Latest Postings from Julie Schaul. 

        +++  Catholic Worker Bread & Roses  Thurs 9 AM Benchlands Food n Coffee;  

September issues of Street Spirit and Street Sheet will likely be available next week; probably still issues from August available at the meeting.