Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 8-21-22 show features Darius Mohsenin outlines the Landlord View (part 2); Gabbing with Gibbs; Wes White’s update; Caustic Comments on Council Crud with Keith, & more… 5-27-2007 Flashback–described below

On the August 21, 2022 show:

  • Darius Mohsenin interview (part 2)
  • Gibbs Gab: Street stuff from a sidewalk local
  • More Mohsenin on words unspoken at the Benchlands Resistance Speak-Out
  • Bathrobespierre Robert and Katzenjammer Keith chitchat on Benchlands and City Council
  • Back to the Way Things Were: songs from the S.F. Mime Troupe’s yearly production.
  • [Rarely played Phil Ochs songs played throughout from A Toast to Those Who Are Gone ]

Flashback to May 27, 2007:

  • Street Interviews: Trey’s “Obstructing an Officer” ticket for sitting on an inoperative water fountain
  • Live phone interview with writer Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America and the Mad in America website.
  • Panels on the Whitaker interview: 
  • +++ Jane Kysor of PIRC (Psychiatric Inmates Rights Collective);              
  • +++ Coral Brune of SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression/Street Performers Against Foolish Enforcement)              
  • +++ “Millie from Gilroy”, a psuedonym for a local psychiatric survivor, on psychiatric drugs and their effects
  • +++ Call-in’s from “Mad John” Telfair, Bob Lamonica, and others
  • +++  More info:,, 

SANTA CRUZ HOMELESS UNION, FOOD NOT BOMBS  [FNB] , and HUFF  will meet again Monday Aug 22 at 6 PM at the Resource Center for Non-Violence  (612 Ocean) to discuss Resistance Strategies  & the progress of a new Injunction as the  Summer ‘s End demolition threats loom larger at the 8-23 S.C. Shitty Council meeting.  This can happen anytime in the afternoon, but likely sometime between 4 and 6 PM.   Public speaking time severely limited.  Group presentations limited to three and total time for all speakers to 30 minutes. 

The Matthew-Meyers-Brunner speaker gag policy has meant speakers are sharply interrupted at 2 minutes and comment on all agenda items cut back from 3 minutes (5 for groups] to 2 minutes or less [3 for groups].
SANTA CRUZ SHITTY COUNCIL still refuses to fund or even permit independent low-barrier agreement or transitional camps, nor to fund FNB  or the Footbridge Services Program.  It proposes to redirect $1 million in state funding for the Safe Parking Program to “Benchlands Closure and Restoration”.

Call 575-770-3377  or 431-7766 to volunteer for the SC Homeless Union  or show up at the Monday 8-22 meeting and volunteer.  They are desperately in need of new blood and leadership with the time, passion, and resources to organize!  President Alicia Kuhl still takes concerns and complaints.  Also notable: City Council’s failure to use the $14.5 million to set up survival campgrounds and support those that exist! 

Their principal goal seems to be to provide token shelter so they can restore the Sleeping/Camping Ban (MC 6.36) aka the Camping Services and Standards Ordinance and resume their “hide out or get out” policy.