In the Wake of the TRO Victory!: Conscience and Action Meeting meets 11 AM Today 4-25-19 ; Followed by HUFF meeting at Noon

Conscience and Action will be meeting today at 11 AM, with the HUFF meeting following at noon.  As usual, we meet at the Sub Rosa Cafe at 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church.   Free Coffee with the Clamor.


Court Order Prohibiting Ross Camp Closure Pending 9 AM 4-27 Federal Court Hearing in San Jose:

  • Announcements: Choice of Action Items
  • Implications of the Court Victory and City Council Report
  • Resistance Organization for Furture Flashmob Documenting: LawSuit Sign-Up List Follow-Up
  • Possible Prince Report by Phone: 9 AM TRO Hearing in San Jose:  AND AFTER
  • Wes White’s Wednesday 4-25 7 PM RCNV Ross Camp Dialogue
  • Criminalization of Homeless Glover Resolution and Analysis
  • Councilmembers Cummings Analysis and Update
  • Bathroom Barricade: Stepping Up the Response
  • Transition Campsite Progress  News on the HEAP, HAP, or COC HQ.
  • laundry and shower access for the broader homeless community & General Laundromat/Biz Discrimination?
  • Tenant/Student Coalition Update; Prospects for Targeting a Real Estate Ripster
  • Supporting UCSC Student RV Dwellers in the SNAIL Organization; Outreach to Dem Soc
  • Legislative: Fatal Force Law,  Cop Records, Student RV Parking at Com 2Colleges (AB 302)

    For HUFFsters
  • Announcements: Including Brief Summaries of Agenda Items
  • Help for Prep for Friday’s TRO Hearing
  • Street Reports; Restaurant Discrimination?
  • Anthony’s Suggestion: Resuming Protests at City Hall
  • Conscience and Action  items unfinished of interest to HUFFsters
  • Moving HUFF Meetings to Ross Camp in Conjunction with Ross Camp Council Meetings
  • Reports from Other Campsites & Areas
  • Tuesday Council Report; Pleich AFC Ross Camp Moving Support
  • Glover’s Ross Camp Meeting Last Monday and Next Monday at 3 PM
  • RV Attacks in Other Cities—Local Updates
  • Satellite Camp Expansion to Relieve Ross Camp Pressure: Benchlands Report
  • Push for Council Procedure Changes by Thursday 4-25 ? Watkins Friday Meeting?
  • Berkeley Reports:  Anti-RV Law:  People’s Park Meeting, Lawsuit Fightback:
  • Oakland Homeless Encampment Lawsuits: See “Encampments Sue the City of Oakland” in the hard copy of the April 2019 Street Spirit
  • Tenants in Trouble: students, renters, elderly, disabled groups for mutual power and solidarity.
  • Sentinel Letter Pushback