Last Days of HUFFish summers in the Benchlands 11 AM Thursday September 16th at the tables between County Building and the Survival Encampment: Farewell to Goatland?

Thoughts for an Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (9-16) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting
 ​Diminishing numbers of participants and a lack of interest among San Lorenzo residents may prompt a return to HUFF’s old meeting ground—the Sub Rosa–at its next get together on 9-23.  There’s also talk of reducing meeting frequency to twice a month rather than weekly.   Come and weigh in if you’re interested.

Meanwhile ongoing concerns include:
       +++ Reports of regular police harassment in the Benchlands by top police officials (Mills & Butler)      

+++ No relief for seizure of vehicular homes on the far-West side      

+++ Lack of “progress” on City shelter/storage alternatives as part of the intensified Camping Ban passed last spring      

+++ Failure of legal support to solidify and localize Martin v. Boise protections for unhoused folks–as has been done in Novato and Chico.       +++ Lack of grass-roots S.C. Union and HUFF organizing utilizing may declarations already made by many unhoused victims      

+++ Hot weather conditions and lack of shade in the Benchlands      

+++ Fall off in on-site organization for emergency response to likely move on the Benchlands in the coming weeks (say an immediate campground established by housed volunteers): Coalition Co-ordination
      +++ Vaccination discrimination & Antibody testing

Research is needed into:
      +++ Vehicle Code Vivisection: Defanging Hobohammer SCPD’s Haebe and Dustheart Deborah Elston’s favorite tools for stealing homeless homes–the so-called 72-hour “abandoned vehicle” fraud.
      +++ Record of Failed protections against Psychiatric Deportations, the record of Reiss hearing failures, dumping and forced drugging of the  “mentally ill”.  (Free Radio show coming up on fighting forced drugging with attorney  Jim Gottstein & psych-survivor Roxanne Stewart-Johnson)

Still Awaiting Action:
      +++ Link-Up with Tenant and Student Organizations regarding the end of the Rent Moratoria and Unemployment Benefits

Reports from the Roughlands
      +++ Padre Panther on the Dakota Landing Agreement Camp
      +++ Latest Police Actions Against the Benchlands Residents and SC Homeless Unionists
      +++ North Bay Updates:  North Bay Unhoused Movement on Facebook       +++ Latest on the Pledge to Defend the Benchlands
      +++ Miniscule report on the 9-14 Shitty Council meeting (and perhaps the Supervipers latest Tiddletattle).

September Street Sheet and Street Spirit newspapers still available!