Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 9-16-21 show netcasts at and archives around 6 PM THE SHOW IS ANOTHER ALL FLASHBACK to August 7, 2014 with co-hosts Pat Colbe and Doc Mike

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ON THIS 9-16-21 SHOW, a FLASHBACK to 8-07-14
“Pick Your Punches” Pat Colbe updates her struggle with City Attorney Barisone for a disability accommodation to the “Move Along Every Hour” law downtown and his recent phone agreement that he refuses to put on paper”Agonizer” Azua Flashback to this SCPD’s reported brutalization of Synthia Kennedy on Saturday April 10, 2010 at ( ) where Kennedy had her hair pulled out and was smashed against the squadcar

“Jetpen” John Colbe called in to report on his phone contact with Barisone8-2 FNB

Street Interviews: Beggarbacker Becky Johnson

Wraps-smith John Ireton reports a bracelet ticket on the BoardwalkMore reports from Strummer & Treadway

Typewriter Kevin DeVane Curtailing Local Protest with the “No Median Standing” Laws