Meet Under Canopies at the HUFF meeting: Sub Rosa Cafe Courtyard 11 AM Thursday December 23rd 703 Pacific Next to the Bike Church

High 50’s.  Rain predicted.   Coffee and caustic conversation likely.

Partial Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (12-23) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting 

  Likely Agenda Topics:

      +++  Depot Park Full  Flooding Likely?

      +++  Can Upper Park Exclusion Be Effectively Resisted if Benchlands Floods?

      +++  Aftermath of the Pajaro Refugee Bridge St. Encampment Court Case

      +++  Status of Benchlands, Cooperville, Brent’s Agreement Camp, and Camp Paradise Villages

      +++  Available at mid-Day: Thursday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show on archives: also at 6 PM on

      +++  Homeless Memorial Expanded Deaths

      +++  Increased Police State Measures re: COVID and Impact on Unhoused

      +++  Updates from Other Cities

Placeholders:  Research and action are still needed regarding:

      +++ Vehicle Code Vivisection: Likely increased harassment by Haebe, Elston, and the 30-40 “Volunteer” Junior Brownshirts on the Force as the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance [OVO]officially becomes enforceable + the so-called 72-hour “abandoned vehicle” fraud.

      +++  Failed protections against Psychiatric Deportations, the record of Reiss hearing failures, dumping and forced drugging of the  “mentally ill”.

      +++  Community Bridges:  Is Anyone Getting Relief in the Rent Moratorium in Santa Cruz City & County?

Documents to review and chatter about:

      +++  Local Ryan Moroney Coastal Commission Response to OVO and CSSO Concerns to ensure Coastal Access: Hearing Coming Up

      +++  Some Data Withheld Homeless Report from 2019 Released

      +++  Homeless Rights Flyer Banned (“Hidden”) by Indybay–2nd Flyer Released

NO Homeless Union Meeting  Friday   Call 575-770-3377 or 421-7766 to reach the Union

Plenty of December issues of Street Sheet and Street Spirit newspapers still available at the meeting