Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 12-23-21 show netcasts and archives at 6 PM: Pajaronian Homeless Union Camp Survives Another 10 Days, Tent City Homeless Memorial for the Dead, and More…

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Today’s 12-23-21 show includes:
“Whip ’em Into Shape” Wes White details the latest Official Idiocy from the Watsonville City attorney and Federal Courts

Memorial and Reading of (some of) the 2021 Santa Cruz Homeless Dead at the Food not Bombs meal 12-21-21

Trouble with “Tiny Homes”:

“Tough Times” Tim Bone on Saving his Tent from the flood only to be ticketed  in San Lorenzo Park on Floodnight

Panther of the Dakota Landing “Community Agreement Camp” on city-funded punishments for flood survivors.

“Sonnyboy Peterson” on Larry Imwalde the new S.C. city-funded Homeless “Czar”

‘Sick of it All’ “Saint James” on Times Recent and Distant as an Unhoused Survivor in Santa Cruz

“Stickin’ to It” Steve calls out on “Remember the Dead” Day.”

Heretical Eye” on Matters Covid and Contemporary.