Meet Under Canvas at the HUFF meeting: Sub Rosa Cafe Courtyard 11 AM Thursday December 16th

Mid-50’s.  Possible rain.  Bundle up again.    Coffee and hot drinks with a few sparse munchies available.

Partial Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (12-16) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting 

  Likely Agenda Topics: 

      +++  City Bosses Oblivious if not Complicit in Flood Devastation   HUFF response?

      +++  Status of Benchlands, Cooperville, Brent’s Agreement Camp, and Camp Paradise Villages

      +++  TRO Dissolution and San Jose Hearing Today for Pajaro River Residents:  Sweep Threats at 423 Bridge Street in Watsonville
      +++  Last S.C. Shitty Council Meeting of the Year: Report

      +++  Available: Thursday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show at 6 PM at, archive:

      +++  Update on Injection Center Prospects in S.C. like in NYC?

      +++  Increased Police State Measures re: COVID and Impact on Unhoused

      +++  Reaffirmation or Repudiation of Homeless Rights Flyer Banned (“Hidden”) by Indybay

      +++  Updates from Other Cities

      +++ Psych Protection & Crisis Update:

Placeholders:  Research and action are still needed regarding:

      +++ Vehicle Code Vivisection: Likely increased harassment by Haebe, Elston, and the 30-40 “Volunteer” Junior Brownshirts on the Force as the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance [OVO]officially becomes enforceable + the so-called 72-hour “abandoned vehicle” fraud.

      +++  Failed protections against Psychiatric Deportations, the record of Reiss hearing failures, dumping and forced drugging of the  “mentally ill”.

      +++  Community Bridges:  Is Anyone Getting Relief in the Rent Moratorium in Santa Cruz City & County?

Documents to review and chatter about

      +++  Local Ryan Moroney Coastal Commission Response to OVO and CSSO Concerns to ensure Coastal Access

      +++  Sections of Withheld Homeless Report from 2019 Released

      +++  Homeless Rights Flyer Banned (“Hidden”) by Indybay

NO Homeless Union Meeting  Friday   Call 575-770-3377 or 421-7766 to reach the Union

December issues of Street Sheet and Street Spirit newspapers still available at the meeting (!)