Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 12-16-21 show netcasts and archives at 6 PM: Flooding in the Benchlands! Interviews and Opinions

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Today’s 12-16-21 show includes:
A crackly phone call from Trey and Jimmy Two-Guns in Camp Cooper

Brief Update from San Jose Federal Court from Streetside Sophie

Longtime Laura C. reports from Pajaro on the move to an emergency Parking Lot Encampment at 423 Bridge St. in Watsonville.  Help wanted!

Talk from the Parking Tier–“Bill” and “John” Assess the Flood Help
Ken Ahl aka “Sam” Gives Another View of the “Emergency Shelter”

Viewing the Disaster Zone: Bathrobespierre and Bruce  Comment 

Vehicular Residents Ride Out the Storm: Two Testimonies

Nutcracker Nick Reports from the Parking Garage and Depot Park