N O H U F F M E E T I N G A T SUB ROSA TODAY. Instead some of us will be tabling in front of the Vets Hall at 846 Front St. from 11 AM to noon. Spread the Word, then Chow Down for National Turkey Slaughter Day

Flyers to be distributed at the Vets Hall Today                                                                                                                

  War is a homeless issue 

Billions wasted on Ukraine & Israel 

Millions of refugees created by the War 

++ In Santa Cruz, most outside face police seizure of survival shelter, protective gear, and precious possessions as well as dispersal of their own supportive communities. 

++ “Shelters” are temporary, restrictive, inadequate, & lead back to the street

++  For the overwhelming majority, the “pathway to housing” is a fund-raising myth

++  The new Sleeping Ban (MC 6.36) is now used to destroy community homeless encampments wherever refugees set up tents for necessary life-sustaining activities. 

++  Stop creating more refugees at home & abroad with forced relocation & demolition 

++ Auto License readers to join whack-a-mole police “tools” in 11-28 Council vote. 

++  Clients report vulnerable residents dumped from shelters to fit police priorities. 

END THE SLEEPING BAN                                                                                           Flyer by Norse of  HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 831-423-4833 www.huffsantacruz.org 309 Cedar PMB #14B  S.C. 11-23-22

No Gaza Tactics in Santa Cruz 

Stop SCPD Chief Escalante’s Whack-A-Mole Polices 

NO shelter or storage for hundreds outside. 

++ Mayor “Fast Lane” Keeley drove refugees out into the rain from the Civic and restricted Depot Park Shelter last spring.  Recently Cops repeated “into the rain” orders. 

++ Keeley & City Mangler Huffaker have no walk-in Winter Armory for the coming cold. 

++ Massive funding ($15 million) was diverted to failed and brutal police enforcement. 

++  Roughroad Russell  has already suffered a stroke after being forced to move more than half a dozen times  from City Council/SCPD’s “compassionate” Homeless policies. 

++  Ticketing “Oversized Vehicles” with no shelter begins in early December.  

++  More Pogonip encampments are posted to be destroyed November 27th even though the shelter and storage requirements of City law (MC 6.36) have not been met. 

++ Demand City Council divest from Israeli genocide & local camp-demolition.