Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday November 19, 2023 show highlights a recent interview with Drew Glover, Flashback to 5-16-99 on sit-in’s against Kosovo war, S.C. trollbeating, and more + full 2022 interview with Foundring, banned on you-tube

The November 19, 2023 show includes:  

  • [11-6-23] Interview with former Santa Cruz City Councilman and activist Drew Glover on his struggle with a reactionary staff and Council majority.
  • [11-12-23] Danny Cooper describing life in the Janus program, the 1220 River outdoor shelter, and on the Santa Cruz streets
  • [11-15-23] Ryan Dieball on street life—losing and reclaiming his bicycle, observing police driving friends out into the rain, and more
  • [11-18-23] Helga reporting on proposed eviction of Cooper D’Angelo’s camp threatened for November 27th.

The Flashback to May 16, 1999 includes: 

  • Puck reports on police ignoring sidewalk camping for the Star Wars theater line
  • “Dead On” David Silva’s push for Immediate Safety Zones given the recent brutal attacks on homeless folks
  • Beach Flats resident Phil Baer on Mayor Beiers plan to bulldoze housing for the Dolphin-Lee project
  • Rev. John L. Phillips from the Metropolitan Community Church speaking out against the bombing of Kosovo
  • C.J. Stock’s account of the “trollbuster” beating of Joe Barker
  • Willow Symonds on the occupation of Sam Farr’s office against the Kosovo war featuring testimony from Phil Baer, Steve Argue, Jim Cosner, and others.

Special 2 ½ hour Interview: Dissident Mama scrutinizes Kylan de Gatelli (aka Foundring), Santa Cruz jazz pianist and satirical singer, banned from you-tube for “misinformation” on COVID and savage criticism of political officials (at