Nippy weather for HUFF tomorrow at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church 2-3-21 Renter Relief ? or Postponed Punishment–More Plunder for Poverty Pimps? Many Possible Updates

Agenda Prospects  

       Shitty Council Shenanagans–Speculation and Strategy

      Where to Pressure the Fatal Functionaries Who Run the City Between Zoom “Meetings”

       Rent “Relief” at the state and county level?  How Real?   

       Working from home:  Vehicular Tips: Fighting Tickets, Fines, and Uniformed Trolls 

        Public Defender Tips:  Keeping Your PD/Attorney on Target and Clearing a Path for the Next Guy 

        Talking Back to the Toughs: Rights Retention in an Era of Covid, Shelterlessness 

         Peering Into Poverty Pimpery with the New “Enlightened” Funding 

         Beyond San Lorenzo: Assessing Assistance for Those Beyond the Reach of the Injunction 

       Litigation LookSee: Lawsuit Progress in Santa Barbara, Oakland, Sacramento, and Marysville  

       Public Records and Lost Litigation Papers

       Plodding through the Kangeroo Courts: Dreadeye, Hannah, Alicia, and Ramya 

       Pajaro River Pushback–and the Salinas City Council “Solution”

       Free Radio in Free Fall–A Report

        Schedule Change: HUFF to meet Thursdays 11 AM at the Sub Rosa starting Feb 11th