Today’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show on Marysville and Watsonville activism and the April 30, 2009 Flashback

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xxx  Garrett Stephens of NOMAD and Food Not Bombs Updates the San Lorenzo Survival Scene

xxx  Willa at the Pajaro River South Defense Outpost Reviews Monterey County’s Struggles

xxx  Nightwatcher Nick of Agents of Change 831 on the Pajaro River Fight

xxx  Elisse, Pajaro River Resident, on the Her History at the River

xxx  Monike T. on the Recent Successful Outcome of the Pajaro Resistance

xxx  Brian Brown and Raelynn Butcher of Marysville on the Struggle with Fire, Attorneys,and Cops

FLASHBACK from April 30, 2009:

XXX  4-17 Street Interviews: Streetsign Sam questions police phototaking

XXX  Berkeley Activist Stephen Pearcy calls in

XXX  Phone Interview with author Kristian Williams (Our Enemies the Police) on the history of policing, policing as class control, anti-homeless implications, alternatives to police violence [ ]… []

XXX  Chatting with “The Unpaid” Bill

XXX  Miguel de Leon (“Lito”) on court-ordered “no sleep”, banned Scope Park ban, sitcrime in an alcove, his own experience of sleeprunning

More details on all this history at the HUFF website’s Street Spirit  archives: