Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 2-4-21 show netcast at 6 PM: Stalemate in Salinas; Voices in the Food-Not-Bombs Sunshine, Updates from LawWatcher Laura and Dreadeye

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ON THE 2-4 SHOW : 

xxx  “Wind-Whipped” Wes White on the Salinas Struggle–Extended Interview
xxx  Robin the Rightsfinder at the Food Not Bombs Clothes Bin–Very Reasonable Prices
xxx  Guitar Joe on Streetstrumming during the COVID
xxx  Kayla on being poor and living in a Board’nCare Home
xxx  Legaleyes Laura on the move to defund the police and set up a Eugene-style CAHOOTZ program
xxx  “Don’t Shoot!” Dreadeye on Life at San Lorenzo Survival Encampment