NO HUFF TODAY! Next HUFF meet is Wednesday February 21- 11 AM Sub Rosa Cafe

Since we’re meeting bi-weekly now, there’s no meeting today.

But in the wake of the surprising victory with Council passing an emergency rent freeze and a just eviction protection law last night, check out
Mountain View chatterings:

Mountain View Forum explores ongoing issue of vehicle dwellers.

Campers and RVs in Mountain View

Victories on the horizon in southern California:

An  older story suggesting the value of state passage of local Homeless Bill of Rights laws:

On the down side, the Terrazas City Council unanimously passed a February 28th eviction date for the San Lorenzo Campground.  The mass eviction is being sanitized with sweet talk about the River Street Camp, the renamed “boneyard” at 1220 River St.– a much smaller area surrounded with barbed wire which bars walk-in’s and will oust people during the day.

First They Came for the Homeless activist Mike Zint suggests core campers stay together and try the Berkeley solution (See First They Came for the Homeless facebook page).  Organize or get pulverized.

More discussion of this on my Thursday Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show 6-8 PM at 101.3 FM and  For archived shows, go to and click on “Lost Shows”.

You can also contact HUFF central by phone for assignments, reports, and updates at 831-423-4833.   We need help reviewing the SCPD’s Citation record to see how accurate Chief Mills’ “No Sleeping Ban Citations at Night on Public Property” policy aligns with SCPD practice over the last 2-3 months.

For outside updates, check out Facebook pages for Santa CruzFood Not Bombs and Homeless Outside in Santa Cruz.      Interesting stuff.

To check earlier Public Records Act requests archived several years ago by Avanti-ista Avian, go to .

A tip of the hat to RV activist Julie Ann for forwarding me most of the stories mentioned above.  Her continuing work can be found on Facebook at RV Fulltimers.