Sunday 2-11-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides at 101.3 FM & City Council Preview, Zint & Adams Report on Those Outside Flashback to 2-4-01

Current Stuff:

  • Norse Broods on the Upcoming City Council Meeting,
  • Man O’War Mike Zint on the Berkeley Bust of First They Came for the Homeless Encampment
  • Brent Adams on the Boneyard
  • with more, of course.

The February 4, 2001 Flashback covers 

  • Calling Foul on the Cops: How Loud Should You Be
  • Lookback at SCPD Harassment for Street Newspaper Sales
  • Julia Vinograd’s Blues for All Of Us
  • S.F. Liberation Radio Richard Edmonsen
  • Bicyclist Shawn Duncan Hit by Motorist in Bush Protest 1-20-01
  • Upcoming Trial for the Koffee Klatch 3
  • Street Jeweler Gets Butchie Baker Treatment

This show archives tomorrow at

Leave your comments and questions at 831-423-4833.

Contact 575-770-3377 to volunteer different kinds of support for the the San Lorenzo Park Campground.   Join Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs locally through Facebook.

Check out Homeless Outside in Santa Cruz  on Facebook.
Still a $500 reward for any info leading to Free Radio’s finding a 10′ X 10′  studio space for Free Radio Santa Cruz to rent in Santa Cruz.

HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) meets Wednesday 2-21-18 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Cafe (next to the Bike Church at 703 Pacific).  Coffee on the house.

Call 423-4833 to volunteer for or learn more about civil rights work on homeless civil rights issues.

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