Pam Kinkaid–Fighter for the Fresno Homeless

NOTE BY NORSE:  Fresno has numerous survival camps–none of them funded by the City or legal.  They developed and retain a certain existence through the work of independent activists gathering funds for portapotties, garbage pick-up’s, and oother supplies.  Much of their support came from the  homeless victory in the famous Kinkaid lawsuit of 2007, when the City of Fresno and Cal-Trans had to pay $2 million+ to the  Fresno homeless and their attorneys for seizing and destroying property (sound familiar?).    Mike Rhodes, long-time activist and Community Alliance newspaper editor, gives some of the background in this video:

A fresno activist writes:

Please share the campaign link with your family, friends and network…
Unfortunately, since 2 weeks have passed and I haven’t raised the minimum $500, the campaign is no longer found on the ‘browse’ section of Indiegogo’s website.  It can only be found through direct link.  Those are part of Indiegogo’s merit-based policies to give all campaigns a chance.  Currently, there are $130 in funds raised, so an additional $370 is needed to be featured on the website again for the remaining 40 days. 
Spread the word and donate if you can.  Any amount of money can be donated, including $1 dollar.  You only need to donate a minimum of $15 dollars if you want to receive any contribution ‘perks.’
Remember, 100% of proceeds go directly to the non-profit Eco Village Project of Fresno.
On my part, I will contact several organizations this week, join several blogs and as many homeless & human rights groups as I can to get the word out.

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