Prep for the Wed Nite Community Meeting, Attorney Anthony Prince Phone Conference on the Ross Camp Lawsuit : Wednesday 4-3: Conscience & Action 11 AM & HUFF noon at Sub Rosa

 Conscience and Action meets at 11 AM; HUFF at 12; Sub Rosa will be doling out coffee and perhaps folks will bring edibles.


  • Anthony Prince Phone Update on the Lawsuit
  • Firming Up the Wednesday Night “No Place for Hatred” Ross Camp Resistance Meeting
  • Prospect of a Faster Ross Camp Closing; April 10 or sooner; Helping to Organize Camp BBQ or Event
  • April 9 Council Meeting Prep and Demo: the Glover Report
  • Continuing to Document the Shelter Deficit For the Broader Homeless Community: Declaration Support
  • Tony Elliot Meeting Report–and Follow-Up Demo?  at Council or P & R?
  • Update on the $10 million from poverty pimps:  News on the HEAP, HAP, or COC HQ.
  • RV Harassment Update: Coastal Commission Pressure, Buddy Solidarity, Council InAction, Specific Complaints & Flyer Distribution, 2-20 Haebe Records Report
  • Any Progress on Emergency laundry and shower access for the broader homeless community and Ross or General Laundromat/Biz Discrimination?
  • Tenant/Student Coalition Update; Prospects for Targeting a Real Estate Person
  • Supporting UCSC Student RV Dwellers in the SNAIL Organization; Outreach to Dem Soc

    For HUFFsters

  • Announcements: Including Brief Summaries of Agenda Items
  • Conscience and Action  items unfinished of interest to HUFFsters
  • Ross Camp Assistance for Law Suit Finalization Friday or Monday
  • Glover Meets the Depot Demonizers 7 PM Depot Park Station Thursday
  • RV Survival/Organizing Report from Cynthia and Alicia: the Haebe Report
  • Satellite Camp Expansion to Relieve Ross Camp Pressure; Prep for April 10th & Beyond
  • Push for Council Procedure Changes Proposed?  Public Agenda Meetings ?
  • Berkeley Report: New Attacks on RV’s; People’s Park Situation
  • Tenants in Trouble—demanding real data from Council’s Task Farce, organizing with students, renters, elderly, disabled groups to establish mutual power and solidarity.
  • Library Situation: Monitoring the Mischief–Investigation and Update
  • SCPD: demanding revelation of surveillance devices throughout the City, police records on use of force, selective enforcement, tasering, DHS/ICE collusion, racial profiling.  Protests to open the property room during regular SCPD hours daily.  NO RESPONSES–Delay on the Haebe report
  • MHCAN report:  HUFF movement to support restoration of services.