Rain-soaked HUFF does some drying out at the usual Sub Rosa Cafe at 703 Pacific 10:45 a.m. Thursday March 16th next to the Bike Church: Assessing Resistance Options and Strategies

Homeless United for Friendship & Freedomwill be reviewing recent events Thursday morning—swapping stories as we sit, munching and sipping, plodding through the usual Agenda milestones.

HUFF Meeting Agenda Prospects 3-16-23 

  ++++  Pass-Arounds and Hand-Outs  

  ++++  Street reports; Post Office Pushback–Cooper and Russell Tent Up

  ++++  Return of Post Office Encampments: Latest Police Sweep Bullying Practices

  ++++  RV Victory: the Removal of Signs in the Coastal Zone: What Next?  Meisler at City Council;  Parking Authority on the Run?

  ++++  Sunday’s upcoming Anti-War Rally:  March 19th Town Clock noon

  ++++  Homeless Union Hibernation– Bagels and Badinage at 4 p.m.. Wednesday, 612 Ocean  3-22.

  ++++  Reviewing the Rain Wreckage: Response of Santa Cruz City and County Authorities—and the Likely Future during the next storm

  ++++  The disappearing Petition to restore Portapotty & Hand washing stations in dispersed survival camps; Ratner/Huffaker Visit 

  ++++  Organizing to push Martin v. Boise pro per lawsuit activity using Robbie Powelson’s paper trail

  ++++  Report on last City Council Meeting 3-14-23 and the Attack on Food Not Bombs at City Hall and perhaps at the Town Clock

  ++++  General Shelter Updates Including “Warming Center”

  ++++  Phone Outreach in search of Updates: Meisler on Vehicularly Housed Parking

  ++++  Bored of Stupidvipers Activity? 

  ++++  Placeholder Reminders: Free Guide Verification, Mad Power Monitoring, Ticket Documenting