Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 12, 2023 show features an anguished interview from Keith McHenry and the police blockage of food serving at City Hall last Friday. Also a lengthy Flashback to December 9, 2007 with oldtimer interview

The March 12, 2023 Show features: 

The December 9, 2007 Flashback includes: 

  • Straight and silly talk from Swami’s Blanket
  • “Get out of town”, cops tell street jewelry pair
  • Lass–Pregnant and Panhandling
  • Terry, the Fire Sign maker, Faith, and Alicia 
  • Robert Wolber on crutches—given a camping ticket
  • Jerry & Kimberly “washed along” by a sidewalk cleaner
  • William Brass on the Hippie Revolution
  • 11-23 A writer/renter on exorbitant rent raises
  • 11-24 At the Saturday Market:  Cupman on the Sleeping Ban
  • Marlena Zaro, survivor of the judicial rack 13 years after the 1994 police riot.
  • Tenderfoot Tim, co-host, introduces Ancient Clown and David Arthur Johnson from the Victoria, Canada encampment
  • [selections from the musical Urinetown throughout the rest of the show]
  • Jhond Golder on reclaiming Lighthouse Linda Lemaster’s seized vehicle recalling his old fights
  • Donna Deiss’s struggle with Chief Ranger John Wallace—restriping Westcliffe Dr. parking lot.
  • Downtown Hair Salon owner Chai on overpolicing and Santa Cruz’s anti-homeless laws
  • Oregonians Alice and Alicia from Ashland
  • Yasman from Mendicino’s update: Ukiah outlaws all outdoor growing “because of the smell”