Rally to Defend the Dignity of Those Outside in San Lorenzo Park and Elsewhere 5-3-21

Come to San Lorenzo Park Duck Pond Monday 8 AM May 3rd

  • Mass demonstration demanding justice and housing for those outside.
  • Shelters and the Benchlands camp sites are full.
  • Those in tents  in the Upper Park face arrest and property seizure.
  • Demonstrate our Community’s Concern Again to Witness and Assure Fair Treatment.
  • No Evictions Without Adequate Alternative Living Space.
  • The COVID crisis is not over.  Stand Up for Those Who Have No Place to Go !
  • Challenge the City Manager’s False “Plenty of Shelters” Narrative
  • Stop the City Staff ‘s Drive to Force Homeless Folks Out of Sight and Out of Town

See also https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2021/05/01/18842042.php