Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 4-29-21 show netcasts 6 PM at Backs Up Against the Benchlands Bullying–Interviews from San Lorenzo Park

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ON THE 4-29 SHOW :
xxx Homeless Czar and Possible Future City Manager Lee Butler announces Friday deadline for San Lorenzo relocations to Benchlands, upcoming Camping Ban on May 11.

xxx Lorenzo resident Alex compares Survival Camp here with Camp Ross

xxx  Eric declares he won’t move to the Benchlands.
xxx  Dreamcatcher on the positive side of campgrounds for an Artist
xxx  Jeremy reviews the Benchlands camper stats.
xxx  Cage-me-not Cooper smiles at the proposed Friday eviction.

On the Spot Observation and Opposition: Standing Against Bullying to the Benchlands Those Who Live in San Lorenzo Park 8:30am Friday April 30

Reving Up the Resistance outside the Red Church 5 PM Friday April 30th: Fighting TOLO-3 and the Encampment Uprooting on the horizon all over Santa Cruz

Two Shots at May Day Madness: noon May 1 Laurel and Front–Lyrical Eye and the Uprising–Devour while you Dance!        

1 PM May 1 UCSC Quarry–Meet and March to Kerr Hall 2 pm on Behalf of UCSC Workers, Kops off Kampus!

Sunday May 2 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM  Clutch-the-Cash:  Stimulus Clinic for Those Without Income–Special Lessons on How to Cash in.