Sunday 10-28-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides:Pat Malo on Reefer Madness Regs, Deconstructing Opposition to Rent Control, & Flashbacks Galore!

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  • Marijuana Man-on-the-Scene Pat Malo Reviews City and County Crackdown on “Legal” Marijuana Through High Taxes and Cut Back Cultivation
  • Voices From the Shadows:  Red Church and Pacific Avenue Snippets
  • A Downtown Worker Critiques Police Power and Merchant Bigotry
  • Analyzing the Fear Flashes from the Anti-Prop M Voices Opposing Local Rent Control
  • “Whip ‘Em Into Shape” Wes White Reviews the Salinas Swamp

FLASHBACKS APLENTY…as activists in 2018 Consider Another Homeless Encampment Protest
  • Summer 1989: then-Attorney Grinning Ray Grueneich Attacks Torture Locally on John Sanditch’s KZSC Talkabout Show  
  • July 13, 1989 :  KPFA on S.F. Homeless Protest Building Takeovers
  • July 28, 1989   KUSP News Broadcast on Homeless Activist River St. Shelter Occupation
  • July 3 1990 Broadcast Discussing the Next Day’s 4th of July Homeless Congress in Santa Cruz
  • July 22, 2010 First Half of the Free Radio Broadcast Covering the Ongoing PeaceCamp 2010 Occupation at the County Building with Curbhugger Chris Doyen & Others  (Full show available at )

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