Sunday 12-2-18 9:30 AM-3 PM at Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides: City Council Carousel–Ducking and Delaying the Rent Control Vote; Red Church Roundalay–Voices from the Chowline; Flashback to 1-17-99

 Sizzling on the Stove:
  • Mumbling Along with City Manager Martin Bernal–Clouding the Campground Coverup
  • Public Records Pushback–the Process of Exposure to Punish Obstruction
  • Marysville Union of the Homeless Report from Attorney Anthony Prince
  • Salvation Army Shelter Review by Outspoken Aaron Horsman
  • Barks and Bellows from the November 27th Council Freeze-Out of the Rent Freeze Discussion
  • Ancient Phil Ochs Tunes Throughout the Show

Flashback to January 17, 1999:

  • Meanness Monitor Richard Quigley Challenging Deputy Nielson DooDoo
  • Attorney Catnip Kate Wells On Local Civil Rights lawsuits of the time
  • Beggarbacker Becky Johnson Bashes Deputy Fitzgerald’s Bad Behavior
  • Bashful Bernard Klitzner Revs up Against the Sleeping Ban
  • Vinnie the V-Man Updates the Free Radio Struggle Back Then
  • Show archives later today at if you missed it.
  • Other January 1999 shows currently archived, go to
Flashes from Here and There and Even Further Away

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