Sunday 4-1-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides at 101.3 FM & Interviews continued with Sandy Brown, Wes White, & the Red Church Renegades Flashback to 2-6-06–Rico Thunder Confronts SCPD Spying

    Current Stuff:

  • Commentary on the latest Stephon Clark Killing Revelations [See also]
  • Councilmember Sandy Brown on Rent Freeze Evasions, “Affordable” Housing, and Holding Staff Accountable…continued
  • Wes White’s Salinas Update…continued
  • Sharon and Julie Speak Out at the Red Church

Flashback to February 2, 2006: 

  • Bathrobespierre Dissects the Mathews’ Council’s Parking Lot Panic Law
  • Rico Thunder (aka Wes Modes) on SCPD Spying for the DIY New Year’s Eve March 2005-6
  • Report on an interview with “Turn ’em Away” Tim Bratton, manager of the Vet’s Building
  • Street Interviews: Experiences with the cops…Mad Mike the Wonderdog on police beating the bushes…”Pirate”, “Damian”, and “Parrot” downtown;
  • Coralee’s Downtown Interviews with Roger Etcetera’s, Brandon the cello player, Marilyn of Alfresco’s, BigDrum Brent, Guitar Joe, Valerie Promise, “Under Arrest”, and others
  • Michelle Beltos on being denied access to River St. Shelter
  • John Maurer’s update on his “Fuck the Pigs” lawsuit 

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