Sunday 9-2-18 9:30 AM-3 PM Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides with Santa Barbara’s Peter Marin, Berkeley’s New Occupiers, and the Latest S.C. City Council Bait-and-Switch Homeless Hoax plus Flashing Back 16 years, then 30 years !

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Archives in the near future at

  • Louden Nelson Outcries Demanding ReOpened Bathrooms
  • Two hours of tortuous City Council Clackety Clack on the Council’s Elimination of Walk-In Winter Emergency Shelter
  • Santa Barbara Critic, Poet, and Activist Peter Marin Ambushed Into Updates
  • Berkeley’s City Hall Tent City Rises Again: Interviews with the Occupiers

FLASHBACK FOLLIES FROM April 14 2002 and Fall 1988
     +++  Bogus Parks and Recreation “Permits” for Conservation Corps in City Parks
     +++  Caller worries about sexism among polyamorist advocates
     +++ Santa Barbara’s Public Defender Maurer Defending RVsters
     +++  Bathrobespierre on 2002 Civil Rights Struggle
    +++ Check out the full original broadcast at under April 14, 2002


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